Appreciation Over Due

A huge thank you to

Sexton Mountain Elementary School and Lisa Lai

(2017 Auction Chair) for allowing Studio 15 Massage Therapy to participate in there Auction in May of 2017. And grateful to say, recieving the very first Studio 15 Massage Therapy support plaque. Because of this amazing auction that raised $19,000. I learned that the schools proceeds from this year's event will be used to purchase new instruments for there music program and build a new basketball goop for the younger grades. I couldn't be more appreciative to be a part of this opportunity. To be very honest I would have bloged this when it fist happened, but I just didn't know who to get it on my site. I finally figured it out and wanted to make this my first blog. So once again thank you so much for this opportunity and I hope to be asked next year to participate again.