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Hello! I am the creator of Studio 15 Massage & Esthetics.  I received my massage License in 2007 and recently added on my Esthetician License as of Dec.2020. I offer Ashiatsu Massage therapy as well as Sports Massage therapy.  Some of my activities are cooking for my family, walking my dog Rocket, and checking out new restaurant and places.


I have been doing massage therapy for 3 years, coming in from a computer science grind lifestyle desperately needing more physical and interpersonal relationships actively.  The first 20 years of my life was getting addicted to rock climbing while living the outdoor travelling lifestyle and yet I transitioned into an analytical profession for the next 12 years of my life, so fast forwarding into massage brought me full circle with the body, mind and soul connection that I consider necessary for sustenance.  I like to think that whether I am meeting someone for the very first time or again for the thousandth time, I can actually engage in a dynamically unique and consistently transformative massage with them.  Massage should never feel burdensome, actually the contrary must be present in a relieving and alleviating manner both mentally for the giver and especially physically for the receiver.  Days have sunrises and sunsets, and a massage for me must fit one of those daily highlights if not THE daily highlight!

Joseph Myers


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